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Recente Publicaties



Andries, J.P.M.; Vander Heyden, Y. Improved Multi-Class Discrimination by Common-Subset-of-Independent-Variables Partial-Least-Squares Discriminant Analysis. Talanta 2021, 234, 122595, doi:10.1016/j.talanta.2021.122595.

Andries, J.P.M.; Goodarzi, M.; Heyden, Y.V. Improvement of Quantitative Structure–Retention Relationship Models for Chromatographic Retention Prediction of Peptides Applying Individual Local Partial Least Squares Models. Talanta 2020, 219, 121266, doi:10.1016/j.talanta.2020.121266.


Jeucken, A.; Zhou, M.; Wösten, M.M.S.M.; Brouwers, J.F. Control of N-Butanol Induced Lipidome Adaptations in E. Coli. Metabolites 2021, 11, 286, doi:10.3390/metabo11050286.


Tzompa-Sosa, D.A.; Dewettinck, K.; Provijn, P.; Brouwers, J.F.; de Meulenaer, B.; Oonincx, D.G.A.B. Lipidome of Cricket Species Used as Food. Food Chem. 2021, 349, 129077, doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2021.129077.


JanssenDuijghuijsen, L.M.; Keijer, J.; Mensink, M.; Lenaerts, K.; Ridder, L.; Nierkens, S.; Kartaram, S.W.; Verschuren, M.C.M.; Pieters, R.H.H.; Bas, R.; et al. Adaptation of Exercise-Induced Stress in Well-Trained Healthy Young Men. Exp. Physiol. 2017, 102, 86–99, doi:10.1113/EP086025.

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