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Data Science Technieken

Integrative Bioinformatics

As a combination  of life sciences and data sciences, Bioinfomatics talks to experts from both sides. In ATLS, the Bioinformatics team is specialized in cloud computing, data stewardship, soft engineering, analytical pipeline management, and data visualization. We actively conduct research projects with Dutch and international partners.  

Our integrative analysis platform handels challenges in NGS data analysis, comparative genomics, transcriptomics, Galaxy administration, proteomics, protein 3D modeling and systems biology in regular bases.


Our vivid, capable and enthusiastic research crew are eager to create realistic solutions to classical and novel Bioinformatics problems.


Applied AI and Big Data


Thanks to the development of Biotechnology, the world of life sciences is becoming more data-driven than ever. We are experts with decade's of experiences in machine learning, big data handeling, and artificial intelligence. 


Instead of "yet another complecated algorithm on paper", we set our analysis on a practical mode. Combining our expertise in workflow management and software engineering, we manage to wrap AI in a handy but reliable manner. We cross talk with data scientists and Biologists. Instead of making "AI black boxes", the goal of our work is to tailor Applied AI into an effecient and transparant helper who answers life science questions together with the scientists. 

WorkFlow Management Platforms

Smart automate is the key to implement big data solutions by non-expert data analysts. We are experts in currently popular workflow management systems including Galaxy, Knime, Nextflow and Snakemake. Especially we are one of the key players of Galaxy platform service in Dutch Applied Sciences communities.


Lately we have funded the "FAIR Heart Galaxy" consortium, a  collaboration between Avans UASUMC Utrecht, Galaxy NL, SURF, and AnDREa. We created the first GDPR-compliant platform to date to safely process large datasets produced from patients' tissue biopsies, blood, or clinical measurements. This platform is suitable also for non-bioinformaticians and has the potential to be widely implemented into diagnostics and clinics.


Data stewardship

DatStewarship adjust from DTLs.png

Since 2016 we have put our efforts in making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (the FAIR policy). Being an active member of the Dutch National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) we work as one of the tranlational node of data stewardship in the fields of Applied Life Sciences.


The Bioinformatics team host the exertise in data stewardship. We have vast experience and knowlege in FAIR data infrascture and policy making. Meanwhile we provide regular data stewardship workshops to researchers. With combined efforts from the data steward community we are specialized in handeling the rapid growth of data volume, complexity, and creation speed.

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